Breakfasts are cooked to order, with a large selection of fresh and tasty ingredients. Vegetarian or other special dietary needs can be met on request. Breakfast in bed can also be arranged. Ray has a lifelong love affair with cooking, so we hope to make breakfast the highlight meal of your day! The menu will be changing constantly, so feel free to call ahead and request your favorite. *Tips for the kitchen staff are appreciated*


MenuDining Room where the best breakfast in Chicago are served at Ray's Bucktown Bed and Breakfast

Eggs cooked-to-order:
Whether you like your eggs soft-boiled, boiled 2.15 minutes or cooked sunny side up, please help Ray fulfill his lifelong dream of being a short-order cook and let him know how you like them!

Tasty selections such as spinach and cheddar, or goat cheese and asparagus will be on the menu, and your omelette will be cooked-to-order with your choice of a daily variety of fresh ingredients. We can make your omelettes traditional or open-faced (frittata). You can call ahead to request your favorite ingredient.

B&B pancakes:
The name created here at Ray's, these melt-in-your-mouth blueberry and banana pancakes can be topped with our homemade strawberry compote or real maple syrup. Like all the other items, we can make them anyway you want them.

Tasty omelette, one of the many items you order from off a menu at Ray's Bucktown B&B in Chicago's Wicker Park / Bucktown neighborhoodVanilla Cinnamon French Toast:
Slow grilled to perfection, our french toast can be topped with real maple syrup or our homemade strawberry compote.

Stuffed French Toast:
It can be stuffed with your favorite ingredients, whether it's mascarpone filling, pecans and strawberry compote, or Nutella & bananas. It is then slow grilled, and can be topped with real maple syrup or our homemade strawberry compote

Ray’s famous roasted red potatoes with rosemary and garlic:
After marinating, these red potatoes are slow roasted in the oven until the outsides are crispy brown.

Breakfast meats:
Offered every morning, choices include raspberry-chipotle bacon and smoked ham (locally sourced from Jake's Meats), turkey bacon, chicken apple gouda sausage, turkey sausage and pork sausage. For our vegetarian guests, we have Morning Star sausages.

Every morning, in addition to the standards above, we will have a special featured item. This may include:

Green Eggs 'n Ham I Am: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, basil pesto (the green), ham, topped with grilled asiago cheese.

Eggs Benedict: In addition to the poached eggs on ham and English muffin smothered in our home-made hollandaise sauce, you can opt for Eggs Florentine (with spinach), or create and name your own version.

Quiches (dispelling the rumor that real men don't eat quiche or cook):
A lovely confection of asparagus, Gouda cheese and bacon, Ray’s personal favorite. For the vegetarians, Ray makes a mean tofu and spinach quiche as well.

Other items available daily:
Fresh fruit tray with at least three fruits and bananas, an assortment of cereals, whole grain breads and yogurts.

Coffee & Tea:
A full selection of black, green and herbal teas.
Juices: Orange, apple, pomegranate, tomato, V8 and grapefruit.